Friday, 14 September 2007

Agile 2007, Washington DC

I recently had the good fortune to attend and present at the Agile 2007 conference. Of the people I saw presenting Robert Martin aka Uncle Bob was a superb speaker. While he was only covering the fundamentals of TDD the verve with which he presented was awesome. His mission to rid the world of “bad code” was highly entertaining as well as inspiring.
Mary Poppendieck with her talk on applying Lean Thinking to Software Development provided the most food for thought. It was my first real discovery of Lean and I found that the principles she discussed were things that rang true with my own experience. Hearing her talk on the Toyota Management System was particularly interesting.
Finally I gave my own presentation with Vivake Gupta of a paper by Nick Robinson entitled “A Technical Story”. The presentation was well received; you can download the slides from the presentation
here. Hopefully I will be giving the presentation again at the XP Day in London in November.